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Consumer Lithium Batteries

A new generation of patented D-type, 9V, AA, AAA lithium batteries, a perfect replacement for dry batteries, constant voltage output, high energy, long service life, and fast charging technology makes the world more environmentally friendly.


Inverter is the device which converts DC into AC that is known as Inverter. Most of the commercial, industrial, and residential loads require Alternating Current (AC) sources. One of the main problems with AC sources is that they cannot be stored in batteries where storage is important for backup power. By cooperating with Growatt, Deye, SERMATEC etc. famous brands, we can provide you with all types of Off-grid, On-grid, Hybrid and so on inverters at fast-delivery and satisfactory costs to fulfill various demands.

Lithium Batteries & Battery Packs

Compact lithium battery packs made of long-life lithium iron phosphate batteries, which are only 1/3 of the lead-acid battery for the same capacity. Lithium iron phosphate batteries do not contain heavy metals and other environmentally unfriendly substances, and will not pollute the environment during production and recycling. These battery packs are widely used for Residential Energy Storage Systems, Communication Energy Storage Systems, Traditional Photovoltaic Energy Storage Systems, Large-scale Photovoltaic Energy Storage Systems, Two and three-wheeled Vehicles, Industrial Vehicles, Pure Electric Vehicles etc.

Portable Power Stations & Solar Generators

Felicidad Technology™ Portable Power Stations & Solar Generators are made of long-life lithium iron phosphate batteries, with a cycle life of more than 1000 weeks. They are equiped with intelligent BMS management, full protocol PD fast charging, which fully supports QC3.0, PD protocol, FCP, SCP, AFC and other fast charging protocols, as well as light weight, stylish appearance and higher safety design. Moreover, OEM & ODM are acceptable.

Portable Power Stations & Solar Generators

Energy Storage Systems (ESS)

Standard container design Energy Storage Systems (ESS) are easy to transport, install, maintain and manage. Products include large energy storage systems (above MW level), small energy storage systems (below MW level), uninterruptible power supplies, microgrid trial platform energy storage systems and so on, which can support a variety of energy storage needs. It adopts high-safety and more environmentally friendly lithium iron phosphate batteries, which do not contain heavy metals and avoid secondary pollution. It has a complete battery recycling industry chain, which can recycle and regenerate used batteries to realize resource recycling. We establish a strict quality management system and a closed loop of information feedback, tailor-made high-quality energy storage systems according to the different needs of users.

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