What Are Portable Power Stations & Solar Generators ?

Portable power stations are the smaller, lesser-known cousin of generators. If you need to go off the grid, these versatile, lunch-box-size power bank gadgets can go with you on camping trips, to construction sites – or wherever else you need electricity – to keep your power tools, phone, and other electronics running smoothly and charged. Solar generators are more like portable battery storage systems that replace traditional generators and serve the same purpose. What many people mean when they say ‘solar generator’ actually refers to portable power stations which use solar panels.

Portable Power Stations' Advantage

Longer service life

Lithium-ion batteries are charged at three different states of charge (SoC) levels, and their lifespan is simulated. This allows lithium-ion batteries to work for longer periods of the day and recharge the batteries when convenient. Unlike other deep discharge batteries, partial charging extends the life of the lithium battery. Felicidad Technology™ portable power stations are made of long-life lithium iron phosphate batteries, with a cycle life of more than 1000 weeks.

Battery BMS Management System

A battery management system is any electronic system that manages a rechargeable battery, such as by protecting the battery from operating outside its safe operating area, monitoring its state, calculating secondary data, reporting that data, controlling its environment, authenticating it and / or balancing it. The BMS Lithium Battery Intelligent Management System monitors the voltage of a single battery pack and detects underperforming batteries before the battery pack is packaged. This 100% test guarantees higher production ability, higher battery capacity and reduced warranty commitments.

Portable Power Stations Fast Charging

Today’s cells use lithium-based intercalation compounds, such as lithium cobalt oxide (LiCoO2), for the positive electrode, as it is much more stable than highly reactive pure lithium and so it is a lot safer. For the negative electrode, graphite (carbon) is used. While these materials are satisfactory, things are not perfect. Each time the ions are shifted, some react with the electrode, become an intrinsic part of the material, and so are lost to the electrochemical reaction. As a result, the supply of free ions is gradually depleted and battery life diminishes. Worse yet, each charging cycle causes volumetric expansion of the electrodes. This stresses the crystalline structure and causes microscopic damage that diminishes the ability of the electrodes to accommodate free ions. This puts a limit on the number of recharge cycles so that the portable power stations can realize fast charging.

Lightweight and stylish appearance

It is powered using a lithium-ion battery, making it fully portable and safe to use, as it does not require gas, nor will it produce fumes when in use. It is lightweight enough to fit in with your luggage when camping and exploring the great outdoors. This power station has solar-ready recharging making it easy to use. Moreover, Felicidad Technology™ portable power stations are designed by professional technical and aesthetic design team to ensure the products’ outlook is modern and delicate.

Higher safety design

Whenever anyone operates a device that uses electricity or gasoline, they should beware of the potential risks, like overheating. Look for portable power stations that have built-in safety features like an automatic shutdown function, overload protection, and an internal high/low-temperature gauge. An automatic shutdown function helps to prevent premature degradation of the power station by turning the device off if it detects the fuel or oil levels are reaching a minimum.

Overload protection disengages the portable power station from the input current if it detects the current is exceeding a safe charge capacity. An internal high/low-temperature gauge measures the temperature of the battery and stops all input and output functions if the battery temperature falls outside of a safe range as determined by the manufacturer.

Portable Power Stations's Performance parameters

Models AC Output Voltage Fast-charging Converter
150W 110V/220V PD60W QC3.0 Modified Wave
300W 110V/220V PD60W PD30W QC3.0 Pure Sine Wave
500W 110V/220V PD100W PD60W QC3.0 Pure Sine Wave
1200W 110V/220V PD100W PD60W QC3.0 Pure Sine Wave

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