What Are Consumer Lithium Batteries ?

Consumer lithium-ion batteries are lightweight energy sources that power an array of rechargeable devices and are widely used in today’s world. These batteries can be found in many products, including in smaller consumer products like cell phones, laptops and headphones. Consumer lithium-ion batteries and batteries in consumer tools or devices should be brought to household hazardous waste collection facilities or electronics recyclers.

Application fields of consumer lithium batteries

smart phone

Most smartphone brands including Samsung, iPhone, Infinix, Nokia use lithium-ion batteries. When you compare them with other battery technologies, the lithium-ion batteries charge faster, last longer, and have a higher power density for more battery life in a lighter package. Moreover, they can store more power, make charging easier, are lighter, and have lower maintenance cost.


Consumer lithium batteries are excellent for lightweight and high energy density. Manufacturers use lithium batteries so that they can perform by supplying enough power to the tablets. Lithium batteries have minimal memory effect, and low self-discharge. And these elements help the batteries be perfect for use in tablets.


Most laptops use lithium-ion batteries, which can swell due to battery age, the number of charge cycles, or exposure to high heat. While a swollen battery pack does not represent a safety concern, you should not use damaged consumer lithium batteries. They make the laptops run faster and longer time.

video game console

Rechargeable battery packs have generally been pretty good in the past for running of video game consoles. Some of our battery packs can even last for about seven years before it starts losing significant amounts of charge and is still going strong. They help to save a lot of extra cost.

Intelligent children's toys

As intelligent children’s toys are high drain appliances, they consume lots of energy, that’s why it’s important to use the right batteries for optimal use. The consumer lithium batteries are perfect for these toys ‘cause they offer premium, safe, reliable and dependable power. Also rechargeable batteries are ideal for toys that consume a lot of energy which can be charged and used repeatedly.


Characteristics of consumer lithium batteries


The battery is made of high-quality materials, and starts with the underlying design structure (such as TWS button battery with a protective case, etc.), and has undergone complex tests such as normal temperature cycle, high temperature performance, short circuit, and drop to ensure that the battery is safe and riskfree during normal use.

Long Battery Life

The battery products have been tested by many of the world's leading consumer electronic equipment manufacturers to achieve high energy density and ensure normal storage capacity under harsh conditions such as high temperature and low temperature

Fast Charge Performance

Adopting cutting-edge technology at the chemical system and structure level can meet the needs of mainstream manufacturers for fast charging efficiency

Shape Customization

Provide customized battery products according to customer needs. For example, the conical battery in the TWS headset is more suitable for the shape of the device and improves space utilization

Extend Your Life

Guaranteed more than 800 cycles of life, the capacity remains greater than 80%. Thickness expansion is less than 10%

Product performance parameters

Model No. U105 (D Type) U901 (9V) B506 (AA) U711 (AAA)
Capacity 5000mAh 500mAh 1400mAh 450mAh
Output Voltage 1.5V 9V 1.5V 1.5V
Output Current 3A 600mA 3A 1.5A
Dimensions 61*φ32mm 48.5*28.5*17.5mm 50.2*φ14mm 44*φ10.5mm
Charging Type Micro & Type-C
Product Picture

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